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The basic technology (Waterwheel, Turbines, Generators, Pumps and other necessary Appliances) for this new type of Power Plant are already well known and proven technology since many years. Only the way to arrange the technical components and the use of the Inventors very energy efficient pump make this way to produce electricity working, deviating from known electricity producing technologies

Simple, easy-to-understand and user-friendly technology.

Small amount of any non-hazardous liquid as for example Water needed for continuous operation

Little start up energy needed to produce Electricity. Depending on Customers choice and size, to start the Power Plant can be by Hand-Crank, Battery, Fuel Generator or Public Grid.

Environmentally friendly technology without the use of liquid or solid fuels

No harm to global ecology (Human, Water, Air, Wildlife, etc.) 

No use of Liquid & Fossil Fuels

Very small Footprint reduces Building size

No need to build dams or use of vast land or water areas to produce environmentally friendly energy,

Reduce global degradation and waste of increasingly valuable available solid and liquid fuels that can no longer be replaced

No fire risk as liquid or fossil fuel storage areas are eliminated

Permits for small and larger power plant modules in the energy and industry sectors should be readily available without any objection, since no harmful pollutants harmful to humans and the environment are produced

Investment costs (main focus on Environmental Protection) significantly lower then Power Plants using conventional or other renewable energy sources

Perfect as a replacement for stationary or mobile power plants using gas, fuel, diesel or other alternative fuels from crops

Investment costs, with a focus on availability at all times, are significantly lower than previously known renewable energy technologies which need to have additional expensive battery storage capacity for permanent energy storage

No costs for purchase of Fossil or Liquid Fuels respectively additional Storage costs

Low construction costs because only a small footprint or land is needed depending on the module size

Compared to sun, wind and other renewable energies that also do not produce pollutants a very high harvesting factor, much cheaper acquisition and operation costs because of high efficiency (95%), e.g. towards the sun (15-31%) & wind (25-50%)

No costs for reprocessing or storage of contaminated waste from energy production of different types of power plants

Reduced power transmission line costs with optimal customer placement

Shorter approval periods means reduced Project costs and earlier revenues

In addition to electricity production, the Power Plant can be optionally in parallel be used as pumping station for liquids. Only possible with the Inventors high efficiency pumps

No dependence on climate, weather and time of day, can be used in any climate zone

Ideal for remote locations and/or areas where power from the public network is not available

Ideal for disaster relief when combined with optional pumps

Suitable for any industry except vehicles and aviation industry

Waterwheel (Example Diameter 2000 mm) or Turbines can be equipped with single or multiple pumps of different capacity ensuring that the same Waterwheel can generate Electricity between 3,5kW up to 30 kW. Only Water Basin volume is to be adjusted accordingly

Modules of any capacity can be combined to Mega Power Plant sizes of a few hundreds of MW or more at small plot sizes due a small single Module footprint 

Modular system allows easier integration of additional power plant capacity or local expansion into an existing interconnected system

Low power transmission losses because power plants can be placed directly or close to consumers

Island solution, as a way to have electricity without public network available

If needed, easy integration into existing power transmission lines

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