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Business Model

A thorough study has been carried out to forecast future global and country Energy demand up to the year 2030. For more as 170 Countries several parameters (Electricity costs by KwH, Annual electricity consumption per Capita, GDP per Capita, Installed Electricity Kw/Capity, Forecast Electricity Demand Kw/Capity, Co2 Emmissions in Mio. Ton) were considered to have an quit accurate demand scenarion at hand to know how many global customers could be potential.

In terms of Power Plants we will introduce at Start-up Power Plants with a capacity between 3,5 and 30 KW. After sufficient funding is available we will carry out step-by-step Development up to capacities beyond 10 MW. Large electricity production capacities will be of Turbine Technology.

Standard Pump conveying capacities beyond 20000 m3/hour are feasible. The Pumps are also the Key Element to allow the Power Plants electricity production.

To expedite our ambitious goals we offer more share tickets to interested Investors as we believe that it would be also in the interest of our future Partners to expedite the development of larger electricity producing capacity, which in return secures higher revenues and profits

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