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Product Advantages

Power Plants
Perfect replacement solution for Properties off grid or in remote Areas, using liquid or fossil fuels to have at lowest operating costs electricity available at their property

Similar to the turbine technology, the power plants can be equipped with up to 6 pumps (jets), which increase the power production many times over. In such cases, in the first place only the generator must be replaced

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Standard Pumps
Extremely wide speed range of ~5 - 3000 revolutions per minute, enabling the drive of small and medium pumps with hand crank or battery operated machines. Normally, the standard vane pumps of our competitors operate between 1500 and 3000 revolutions per minute

30-40% lower energy consumption than comparable competitive products

30-40% higher pumping capacity than comparable competitor products

Functionally independent of direction of rotation and after running dry

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Universal Pumps
Perfect for cities or districts where periodic floods are caused by overflowing rivers flooding countless basements. In such cases, the respective fire brigades could lend their depot-stored Universal Pumps to households most likely affected. The advantage of this strategy is that the mostlikely victims of a flodding could participate actively on preventative measures to avoid a basement flooding with the Fire Rescue Teams having more time available for maybe even more important rescue actions.

Can serve temporary at 1250rpm as fire-extinguishing centrifugal pump (FP 4/5) with a nominal flow rate of 400 l / min at a nominal delivery pressure of 5 bar

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