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Test Markets

First test market for sales shall be the Country where the Power Plants are produced, even the Market saturation is already 100%. Other additional Test markets could be a Country in Asia with the highest Continental Energy demand and Africa as a Continent using mainly fossil & liquid Fuels for Energy Production.

Contacts have already been made in Vietnam, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates. From this Sources we received data on current and future electricity demand to be expected. These 3 countries are intended as test markets. At the moment we are looking at Germany as the 1st production location, but the final decision will be made after the completion of our crowd promotion campaign.

After a 3 Month Test market period and 1st experience, Analysis shall be made to decide on correction of forecasts and expansion of sales activities into other Continents and Countries

The experience gained at the Test markets shall be further used to learn from possible mistakes made and to improve and optimize Sales proceedings and other weak points identified.

The Tools which will enable us to succeed will be advertisement in Newspapers, large Internet based social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin or QZone and sales on our Website “”

Not to underestimate will be participation on International and regional recognized Exhibitions where the latest Technologies are presented, showing how the future outlook will be.  

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