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Sales Strategy

Although having spent 2 ½ years to research the electricity demand for nearly each Country of the Globe the rapidly ongoing shift from Liquid & Fossil Fuel to Renewable Energy source and the related Investment cost corrections up or downwards makes it inevitable to work fulltime on this Task.

Sales Strategy will follow findings of the Market Analysis, with priority given to sell in Countries with the highest expected additional energy demand.

Coping with this task on global scale a multinational Team of Experts is needed to collect up to date data on regulations & laws to enable the Marketing & Sales Team to react on market or legislation changes or for example to Funding Programs for Environmental Protection.

Such costly and time-consuming data collection will pay off very quickly, as LPP Global GmbH can also participate in public or company tenders for power plants with a capacity of more than 500 KW, which has the advantage for the individual customer that the process of regulatory approvals is significantly reduced as LPP power plants will not produce polluting emissions, endanger human health or require irreplaceable, valuable liquid and solid raw materials for power generation

The task also benefit to comply to standards and regulations in case changes are due in the individual Countries chosen for sale of the Power Plant Units.
It will compensate within the next 5 Years to a large extend the disadvantage that LPP Global is a newly established Company with basically no financial reserves at the time being. 

Not to be underestimated will be the advertising effectiveness, which will result from participation in relevant international and regionally popular fairs, as these fairs are visited not only by individuals but also, for example, by management personnel, purchasers and technical personnel from trade, industry, commerce and government to inform themselves about the latest studies and market novelties and if necessary to conclude preliminary contracts. 

Last but not least, it reduces part of the lead that most companies have built through decades of lobbying, networking and other activities 

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