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Marketing Strategy

Market analysis was made by studying and evaluating data available from reports for all Countries of the Globe. The data collection included for example Population, GDP of the recent years, Annual electricity consumption by Head and Country, Electricity production capacity installed respectively forecasted until the Year 2030.

The summary of the assessment was derived from preparation of a scenario based on a specific population factor applied and another scenario based on the forecasted future Electricity demand of the individual countries. The lower and more conservative value was used for further calculation on own participation.

Own participation was calculated on a 5% participation on the forecasted additional electricity capacity growth for public and private Energy providers, but not including opportunities arising from replacement of retired Electricity Producing Power Plants, demand of small home owners or small enterprises or Industries like Ship building, Sea freight transport or Heavy Industries which increases the sales potential of this new Power Plant types significantly.

The combined Non-Renewable and Renewable global electricity producing Power Plant capacity of all public and non-public Energy Providers was 5,699 GW in the Year 2014. Considering an annual average of 5% for additional energy demand representing approximately 285 GW of additional Electricity producing Power Plants needed, the estimated own annual participation share of 5% respectively around 14.25 GW out of the 285 GW is a conservative forecast.

Taking into account growing public awareness and critics to producing clean energy without polluting the Environment the forecast could soon be outdated and leading to additional demand not calculated in our strategy

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