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Global Customer Potential - Power Plants
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Power Plants
Phase 1 & 2 Power Plant Modules shall attract at Start-up mainly Home Owners, Farmers, Agricultural Business & Apartment Block Owners
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With the exception of the Automotive and Aviation Industry the Power Plants can be used in all Climate Zones, Industries & Public Sectors
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Standard Pumps
Available at pumping capacities as low as 1 m3/h up to 3500 m3/h. Our Standard Pumps are available in Stainless Steel (up to 25bar) or Hard Plastic (up to 10bar).

Can be offered as well upon Customer request up to a conveying capacity of up to 20000 m3/h. Adaptable for any Industry applications if Customers inform on Pump conveying purpose.

Engineering & Design ready for pumps up to a conveying capacity of 20000 m3/h

Universal Pumps
The Pumps are Power-pack driven with main purpose to support in times where no electricity is available to pump out basements after flooding or to fight fires until arrival of a rescue team. However the pumps can be used for many other purpposes as well.

At Start-up we will offer 3 Types. For all 3 types the Pump delivers 21 m3/h at 1000 rpm and 31 m3/h at 1500 rpm provided from a 24Volt NiCd Battery pack, sufficient to pump at 1000 rpm for around 25-30 minutes

The Pumps will be housed in hard plastic cases, easy to move and neat for storage

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