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Investment Return Potential

Investors who bought shares until November 30, 2019 will enjoy at special terms a higher Investment Return which differ significantly from the Investment Return offered to investors after December 1, 2019

With our ambitious goals we focus on rapid growth, not only to make profits, but also to help improving ours and global environmental conditions. Especially our new Power Plant technology has a huge potential to revolutionize the Energy Production Industry. The final development of this Power Plant Modules is cost intensive until the Final product is ready to hit the global market. Details about the development costs you can find in Phase 2 of the Funding Goals.

If we can achive our Funding Goal (10000 Share Certificates) for Funding Level 1, LPP Global will be funded and Pump production can begin but without being able to expedite at fast pace the development of the Power Plant Modules. In this case it is expected that it will take at least 18-24 month longer until the Power Plant Modules will be ready for sale.

If the Funding Goal (72500 Share Certificates) for Funding Level 2 is reached at the same time as for Funding Level 1 the development of the Power Plants between 3,5 to 30 kW electricity production is completed in accordance with our Milestones and serial production could commence in June 2020

Due our very attractive return potential for Investors, all fundings exceeding the Value of the 72500 Share Certificates issued up to Funding Level 2, will be exclusively used for step by step development of the 50 - 750 kW Power Plant Modules out of Phase 3 & 4. Development costs of the different Power Plant Modules you can find in the Product Portfolio.

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